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Flannel Wipes/Washcloths
Flannel Burp Cloths
Flannel Diaper Liners
Choose from the many flannel fabric options

Little Bee Flannel wipes
Reusable baby wipes (or wash cloths) you pick the fabric... 
Set of 4 - $5.00
Set of 8 - $9.50 
Set of 12- $13.50 
TWO Layers of flannel Decorative front Solid color back Measures 7.5 x 7.5 inches Perfect size for a wipe warmer or case. 

Little Bee Flannel Burp Cloth
One layer of flannel backed with a layer of terry cloth: Cute decorative front Solid white back 
1 burp cloth $4
2 burp clothes $ 6 
3 burp clothes $ 9 
Contoured in a figure eight to better fit your shoulder Measures 18 x 7 inches 
Little Bee Diaper Liners
Set of 2 - $4.00 
Set of 4 - $7.50 
Set of 6 - $10 
Set of 12- $20 
Fleece on one side white flannel on the other ZORB inside Measures 4.5 x10 inches 

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